Page 10 - 2018-2019 English Language Preparatory Program Student Handbook
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            Now that you have left high school behind you and have become a university
            student, you need to adapt to a new educational system which has different
            requirements to the one that you experienced in high school.
            Bilkent  University  is  one  of  Turkey’s  top  universities,  as  well  as  being
            recognized  internationally  as  a  centre  of  excellence.  It  sets  challenging
            educational goals for its students.

            You are now a member of the Bilkent University community. You will need
            to work hard in order to meet the university’s goals. Please read the following
            as it will help you settle in successfully into your new environment.

             1.  PLAN YOUR TIME
            First of all, you will need to develop study habits that allow you to work and
            learn independently. It is important that you do this as early as possible.
            As a student in the Preparatory Program, you will have a number of required
            class hours every day that you will need to attend. However, in order to be
            successful in the school, one of the most important things you will need to
            learn  is  how  to  work  consistently  on  your  own  outside  of  the  classroom
            Of course, your instructors will guide you and provide you with the essential
            materials. They will also ask you to buy a textbook, and they will give you
            homework for you to do as part of your course assessment. But this will not
            be sufficient to ensure that you meet the Preparatory Program’s challenging
            objectives, it is essential that you study independently. Learning how to plan
            your time is crucial. A balanced life is important for students. It is essential
            that  you  learn  how  to  organize  your  time  effectively  so  that  you  have  a
            balance between work and relaxation.
            Therefore,  it  is  strongly  recommended  that  you  learn  to  keep  a  weekly
            planner – this will allow you to plan ahead so that you meet deadlines for
            your  academic  work,  and  at  the  same  time,  you  can  put  time  aside  for
            personal  enjoyment  such  as  sports,  cinema,  and  other  activities.  At  the
            beginning  of  the  academic  year,  your  instructors  will  help  you  draw  up
            planners based on the requirements of the courses you will be taking. These
            planners can then be used to make sure that you devote enough time to
            learning while also signaling important dates and deadlines for your courses.
            With all the ‘Apps’ now available for mobile computing, there are many useful
            tools which will help you plan and keep a track of your learning and other
            related commitments.

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