Page 3 - 2018-2019 English Language Preparatory Program Student Handbook
P. 3

Welcome to Bilkent University

            School of English Language (BUSEL)

                                  This handbook has been designed to give you all
                                  the basic information you will need for your studies
                                  in  the  English  Language  Preparatory  Program  of
                                  our school.
                                  BUSEL  staff  are  here  to  help  you  achieve  the
                                  needed English language, academic, and life skills
                                  so  that  you  can  graduate  successfully  from  your
                                  chosen department in Bilkent University and enjoy
                                  a fruitful and rewarding career, a fulfilling personal
                                  life, as well as making an important contribution to
                                  your community.
            On the following pages you will find details of the school’s education system,
            syllabus, assessment, and its rules and regulations. This information is here
            to help you understand the school’s approach to the learning of English and
            its expectations of its students.
            BUSEL is a challenging school and has high expectations of its students and
            its staff. You will need to work hard during your time in the school but, if you
            use all the opportunities made available to you and work both consistently
            and in an organized way, we are confident that you will be successful.
            The handbook also tells you where you can get additional information and
            help, should you need it. We want students to be fully aware of the facilities
            available to them and the process by which they can get further information
            and support for their learning.
            We are here to help you so please feel free to contact us, either through
            email, or through visiting the administrative services in N building on east
            campus. The contact details are given in the pages that follow.
            We wish you every success in your studies in BUSEL. We look forward to
            getting  to  know  you,  working  with  you,  and  celebrating  your  successful
            learning experience in our school.

            Asst. Prof. Dr. Tijen Akşit
            Acting Director, BUSEL

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