Page 4 - 2018-2019 English Language Preparatory Program Student Handbook
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Background Information about Bilkent University

            School of English Language
            Bilkent  University  School  of  English  Language  is  one  of  the  largest
            academic units in Bilkent University, with approximately 200 teaching and
            administrative staff and over 2500 Preparatory Program students and over
            3500 students in the faculty courses it offers.
            The school comprises two programs: the English Language Preparatory
            Program and the Faculty Academic English Program.

            The English Language Preparatory Program
            The English Language Preparatory Program helps students acquire the
            required  level  of  English  for  entry  into  the  academic  programs  in  their
            chosen  departments.  It  is  the  larger  of  the  school’s  two  programs,
            employing  around  120  teachers,  some  of  whom  are  international.  In
            addition  to  the  teaching  cadre,  the  school  employs  a  range  of
            administrative staff.
            The English Language Preparatory Program is divided into 5 levels and
            students  are  placed  into  an  appropriate  level  at  the  beginning  of  their
            studies, reflecting their level of English. Students then have between one
            and four semesters to complete the program.
            Instructors are organized into 9 Teaching Units (TUs) and students will be
            assigned to a TU during each of their courses. The Head of Teaching Unit
            (HTU) is an important person in the life of students as s/he is responsible
            for  overseeing  the  academic  work  for  a  certain  group  of  students.
            Instructors also have an important role to play in students' lives. All BUSEL
            teaching staff are highly selected and trained professionals, and students
            need to follow their recommendations and advice as the academic staff are
            charged with ensuring that students meet the learning objectives and that
            they are prepared for the level assessment tasks.

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