Page 5 - 2018-2019 English Language Preparatory Program Student Handbook
P. 5

The Faculty Academic English Program
            The Faculty Academic English (FAE) Program continues the provision of
            English language courses in the freshman year. All students have to take
            ENG 101 and ENG 102 courses as part of their freshman departmental
            requirements.  This  program  also  provides  English  language  courses
            beyond the freshman year into sophomore, junior and senior  years for
            some departments, and graduate English language courses.
            There  are  approximately  60  instructors  working  in  the  FAE  Program,
            many of  whom are  native  speakers of English. The freshman English
            language courses focus on academic skills. These courses are designed
            by the instructors on a variety of interesting topics. It is an opportunity to
            meet students from different departments on these courses.
            Similar to the Preparatory Program, the FAE Program is divided into four
            teaching units, with each unit run by a Unit Head.

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