Page 9 - 2018-2019 English Language Preparatory Program Student Handbook
P. 9


            We provide a learning environment for students which
               ensures  they  attain  the  level  of  proficiency  in  English  necessary  to
                continue their studies in the Schools and Faculties at Bilkent University
                and  supports  the  further  development  of  their  English  language  and
                study skills throughout their study in the university;

               helps  them  develop  their  potential  as  critical,  analytical,  and
                autonomous learners as part of a commitment to whole-person learning;

               enables them to successfully adapt to university life, supports them in
                coping with the demands of academic study, and provides them with
                tools to embark on a fulfilling and successful life after university.

            We provide staff with a professional place to work which

               offers  them  opportunities  for  personal  and  professional  learning  and

               encourages  an  open  and  enquiring  culture  to  support  institutional

            We contribute to the maintenance and improvement of English within
            the university and the community at large.

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