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  • Students can only take the IELTS Academic exam on the following dates and in the following exam center.
IELTS exam datesIELTS exam centerRequired grade for exemption
Bilkent students can sit the IELTS exam on the following dates:

-- October 20, 2018 (apply to BUSEL before September 28, 2018)
-- November 10, 2018 (apply to BUSEL before October 19, 2018)
-- December 15, 2018 (apply to BUSEL before November 23, 2018)
-- January 12, 2019 (apply to BUSEL before December 21, 2018)
-- Fabruary 9, 2019 (apply to BUSEL before January 18, 2019)
IDP (Ankara)

You can register here
A grade of at least 6.5 on IELTS
with a minimum of 5.5 scored
in all sections (Listening,
Reading, Speaking and Writing)
  • Students who intend to take the IELTS exam must apply to BUSEL (Elif Kantarcıoğlu, East Campus, N building, CZ04) in person at least 21 days in advance by submitting the required documents.
Documents required
-- IELTS application form for Bilkent University English Language Preparatory Program students (click to download the form)
-- the IELTS registration summary and a print out of the confirmation email*
-- the original and a photocopy of your Bilkent ID card**
-- the original and a photocopy of your Turkish ID card or Passport

* You will need to submit the print out of your confirmation email after your initial application as you will receive this email 10 days prior to the exam.

** If your Bilkent ID card has been issued before the 2013-14 academic year, you will need to have your Bilkent ID card photo renewed through the Student Registrar's Office before you apply to BUSEL to take the IELTS.

Students currently registered at Bilkent University, and students who are Turkish nationals planning to register undergraduate programs are subject to the requirements above. Students applying for graduate programs, and international students applying for undergraduate programs can find more information here.

Reminders for students:

1. Decide on the exam you intend to take and check the exam dates by taking into account that you need to inform BUSEL at least 21 days in advance;

2. Apply to BUSEL (Elif Kantarcıoğlu, East Campus, N building, CZ04) in person and submit the required documents. English Language Preparatory Program students who are on the Waiting Status and the External Preparation Status need to send the scanned copies of all the documents required to kutevu@bilkent.edu.tr. Students have to apply to Elif Kantarcıoğlu at least 2 days before the exam to present the original copies of the documents required;

3. Remember to take the following documents to the exam venue with you:

  1. Registration summary and a print out of the confirmation email
  2. Bilkent ID card
  3. Turkish ID card or Passport

Please remember that you cannot take anything else with you into the exam room;

4. Remember to have your test day photo taken on the exam day as your exemption process cannot be completed without a test day photo;

5. Remember to have your exam results electronically posted to: Bilkent University. Hard copies are not required. However if need be, hard copies can be posted to:

Ms. Zeynep Ekmekçioğlu
Bilkent University Student Registrar’s Office
Main Campus
Bilkent 06800

Bilkent University does not accept scores presented directly by the students.

6. BUSEL reserves the right to investigate exam results for reliability purposes, the right to give an exam to students, to check the validity of their exam results and the right to not accept exam results that are considered to be suspicious.